everything starts with a Team 

In Hawaii, they greet people with the word “ALOHA”, which means “welcome with love”.

I like the Hawaiian spirit and starting things with positive vibes



Aloha, my name is Miriam Annabell Jaeschke, but most people call me Mimi.

Traveling the world made me see her different.

During my time in the diving and watersports industry, I worked and lived in different countries, with different cultures and learned to see and do things from different perspectives. Nothing is truer than the phrase: “same same but different“. Just a small example, we Europeans start counting with our thumbs, the Asians and Latinos start counting with their little fingers. ever noticed that?

I know what it mean to get things done in places which are far away from commercial areas (as the best water sport spots ain’t mostly in developed areas) and even worse if they don’t get you, because you doesn’t speak their language.

Give me your hand and we walk together trough the jungle. Looking back I would say this was the foundation of my buisness from today

about me:
no beauty – but smart, no genius – but handy, half job – is no job

founder of help 2 organize (H2O)

Aloha Mimi

Don Coco

.. my little companion, sunshine and daily support.

Thanks for being such a great friend